Company's Coming

Table Setting Rentals, CeCe Setting Table

Long before there was a global computer network called the internet, before Kroger gathered groceries for pick up, and Amazon took over retail, I had a business called Super Shoppers. I shopped at the market for people that didn’t have time to shop. I was barely twenty and thought the idea was innovative and genius! I caught the attention of the Portland Trailblazer’s wives, and I was in heaven, creating a business that made my customers happy!

Fast forward many years, many ideas, and I’m still creating. Some businesses thrived, and some never got off the ground, but my lessons learned have soared. I found out I can do many things, even learn skills along the way, but I am my best when I focus on what I am great at doing. When the pieces fall together easily, and it’s almost effortless to create, I have found my niche!

The Occasional Tables is just that for me ... what I bring to the table (literally) is a concept to be time efficient, cost efficient, environmentally efficient, and super cute ... always gotta add the ‘experience’!

Nashville is a city for entertaining! There’s resources at our fingertips and creative brands to make entertaining fun! Hester and Cook, is my source for place and accent cards, making your guests smile, all the way to their seat!

The holidays are upon us ya’ll ...

Company's Coming!