Thankful and Grateful

My favorite day of the year…Thanksgiving!

It’s simple, for everyone except the cook! The food is amazing! It’s a time to acknowledge our gratitude. And finally, it’s a time to come together with those we hold dear; sometimes including someone that perhaps didn’t have a place to go.

My family plays a game; Thankful from A to Z. In a busy, full life, taking a moment to focus on blessings I don’t always recognize is telling. They aren’t ‘secret’, merely blessings that help make my life complete.

Today, here is my Thankful from A to Z!

Apples, a Bed to sleep in, Children, Daisy, a happy Ending, Family, Good health, a Home, Independence, Jesus, our Savior, Kindheartedness, a good Laugh, a full Moon, Noble people, Olive, supportive People, QuickBooks, Running, Soles4Souls, Time, Umbrellas, Vacations, a train Whistle, X-Rays, Yogurt (Frozen and not!), a Zest for life

Happy Thanksgiving!

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